OUTTAKE: Fred Willard Improvises Punchlines 

Here’s an outtake from my upcoming film “Funny You Never Knew” that highlights the improvisational wizardry of Fred Willard. We were shooting a fictional ad for the “Triple Threat Comedy School” and the idea was to throw out some set up lines to Kevin Pollak like “Havin’ trouble with the missus?” or “Hey there, wanna humor your boss?” etc and Fred would just improvise some answers. In this clip you’ll see the one we used in the film where one of our writers, Ed Crasnick, feeds Kevin the line “…want your therapist to like you?” And you’ll hear Fred’s brilliant improvised response. Thankfully I didn’t call cut at the end of it as you get to hear Kevin’s response to what was really an amazing moment in the making of this film.